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Hard to believe, but it's nearly spring! Is your plumbing ready?

Hard to believe, but it's nearly spring! Is your plumbing ready?

Hard to believe after last week’s snowstorms, but it’s less than two weeks until the official start of spring!

With the worst of the winter weather (hopefully) behind us here in London, and milder spring temperatures (hopefully) on the way, it might be tempting to put your plumbing, radiators, boiler and heating to the back of your mind again for a while.

But before you do, consider XP Plumbing and Heating’s easy-win tips for helping your plumbing, heating and hot water systems stay match-fit, into spring and beyond.

Check your dials

Adjust the settings on your hot water heater, radiators and similar. If you’ve still got your thermostat cranked up to the max after last week’s snow, you’ll be wasting energy - and money - in milder weather. Remember, turning your thermostat down just one degree can save you around ten percent on your energy bills!

Look out for drips

If you’ve got an outside tap, check it for any leaks that might have developed during the cold weather. Even minor leaks - whether they’re indoors or outdoors - can do damage over time. And if you think a dripping tap is no big deal, you’d be surprised how much water and money you could be wasting. We recently wrote about research that reveals just how much.

Treat your boiler to some TLC

Chances are it’s worked pretty hard for you and your home over the winter, so why not make sure your boiler is still in the best possible condition for the rest of the year, with one of XP Plumbing and Heating’s boiler servicing packages.

For just £90 (and 10% off for senior citizens) you’ll get a comprehensive health check from one of our experienced, Gas Safe engineers, along with peace of mind that your boiler will be running smoothly whatever the spring weather throws at your home.

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

Stay Gas Safe

If you’ve got gas at home, your gas appliances should be checked by a Gas Safe registered professional like XP Plumbing and Heating a minimum of once a year.

For more, check out our recent article on the importance of gas safety and getting your gas appliances - gas boilers, gas heaters, gas ovens - inspected regularly.

If you think your boiler or gas appliances need some attention after the cold weather - or for anything else related to your plumbing, heating, drains or electrics - contact XP Plumbing and Heating today.

From our base in Sidcup, our team of plumbing, heating and drainage engineers in our distinctive vans has great reach across the local area - including Eltham, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chislehurst and Greenwich - as well as further out into London and north Kent.

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